chutney parang

adesh samaroo - christmas without santa
adesh samaroo - eating meat
ajala - charang soca
anand laukaran - roti in a sappi
angela ramoutar - dry pocket
boodram holass - dasrath
candi k - chutney santa
d pungalunks factory - big rich pelau
daddy chinee - nadia
dexter - parang
dil-e-nadan - merry christmas
dimensionz - laughing children
drupatee ramgoonai - christmas time
heeralal rampartap - merry xmas 2u
hunter - maybelle
hunter - turkey too big
hypnotic - parang
jmc 3veni - xmas again
joel jordan - paranoid
kenneth salick - chook down de nest
krishendat singh - darling
krishendat singh - rossana

leon coldero - curry christmas
leon caldero - sing leon sing
leon caldero - soca chutney parang
marcia miranda - chutney christmas parang soca
neeshan d'hitman prabhoo - going by maria
neeshan d'hitman prabhoo - that's a lie
nigel salickram - christmas fete
rikki jai - neighbour, neighbour
rikki jai - pass the bottle
sam boodram - tere pyare
scrunter - chutkaipan
shael gyan - jalwa - ole xmas ways
sharlene boodram - mamacita
sonny man - santa clause
suresh maharaj - coffee
suresh maharaj - na jalbay
suzette smith - de man from calcutta
taxi - indian parang chic
terry gadraj - christmas medley
terry gajraj - welcome home


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